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Welcome to Stories of Glasgow

Helping communities in Glasgow put down roots and fight the climate crisis

Sharing Your Stories to Save Our Species!

Stories of Glasgow is a collaborative project that aims to get the people of Glasgow involved in climate action and bring communities back together, through the power of sharing stories.

Climate action doesn’t have to be scary or academic. It should be engaging and fun!

We want to invite community organisations, schools, and businesses to create Story Trees to share with the world. A home for the stories of your past, present, and future, and a foundation for your community to thrive.

The result will be a treasure map that collates and shares all the incredible Stories of Glasgow, encouraging locals and visitors alike to discover our past, present, and future through active travel.

Our fear of climate change is a systemic issue. We have spent too long accepting that action is someone else’s responsibility. Our future isn’t up to them – it’s up to us!

Glasgow has a remarkable history of leading radical transformation. If we work together, we can become agents of change and inspire communities around the world to create a different, and better, future.

Are you ready to join the party?
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Reconnect with Glasgow’s nature, culture, yourself, and each other

Glasgow has a wonderfully rich history of championing world change. Together, we can continue this legacy.

Every Story Tree that joins our treasure map shares stories from its past, present, and future:

Past – To continue Glasgow’s legacy of leading social revolution, we need to reflect on and understand what came before – in all its pain and glory. The better we connect with the stories of our history and culture from the past, the more we can learn and grow from them.

Present – Share the issues that are facing your community, celebrate your successes, and get support from the rest of your city. By letting people know how they can get involved with what you’re doing, you kick-start collective action and get people to care.

Future – How can we build a better world if we don’t imagine what it looks like? Create your picture of a thriving future for your community and share it. By putting your dreams out into the world, we can all work together to make them a reality.
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What’s Our Story?

Hi, I’m Jen – climate scientist turned climate campaigner, social entrepreneur, and passionate storyteller.

I started Stories of Glasgow because, after years of working on the academic side of the climate crisis, I realised that the most radical and transformative impact comes from social change – and it starts at home.

Stories of Glasgow is a creative Crowdfunded project that aims to make climate action accessible and fun to get involved in, weaving the stories of our city into an interactive active travel route for everyone to engage with and enjoy.

The action we take in Glasgow CAN change things. Climate action doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly scary and scientific. It’s a global issue, but we can make a difference – we just need to start locally.
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Jen is a young white female with long, light brown hair. She is taking a selfie from the top of a hill.

“Quote about creating a story tree”

Text about who stories of Glasgow are, how the came to be, and their mission going forward.

Text about who stories of Glasgow are, how the came to be, and their mission going forward.

Text about who stories of Glasgow are, how the came to be, and their mission going forward. Text about who stories of Glasgow are, how the came to be, and their mission going forward.
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Get Involved

You can become a Stories of Glasgow Champion in three easy steps:
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Step 3
Submit Your Stories

Fill out our form with details about the stories of your past, present, and future, and how you want to engage your community in combatting climate change. You can find out more about how to get started on your Story Tree on our ‘Get Involved’ page.

Create Your Story Tree

You can create your tree either by participating in a workshop or by following our online guide. Full artistic freedom is encouraged!

Once you have created your Story Tree, get in touch so we can add you as a Champion on our website and spotlight your stories on our social media.

Share the Stories of Glasgow

Don’t forget to let people know that you are a Stories of Glasgow champion on your website and social media! Community collaborations are key, so make sure you explore our other stories too.

Discover how to become a Stories of Glasgow Champion

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